Monday, July 18, 2011

Most Of Google Plus Users Are Male [Stats]

Google+ in increasing its number of users rapidly, but the recent stats of sex ratio on the social network tell that most of the users are male. There are three quarter male gender profiles or may be more.

Social Statistics, a third party stats tell that there are 86.8% of male profiles on Google+, whereas FindPeopleOnPlus states that the male percent is around 73.7%.

As Google+ has make it optional to put your gender, so the data will never be accurate. As always male's are the early adopter's of the technology. Google+ is attracting people very fast, but to be a hit on WWW, Google+ needs to get 50-50 ratio of male and females on their social network. Facebook has attained this ratio, lets see how will females are attracted to Google+.

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