Monday, July 18, 2011

How To Use Two Google Accounts At Same Time, In Same Browser

Most of people make multiple email accounts. One for their office life, one for their personal life... or for any reason. But often there is need when we use to use both account on the same time. We can do it by opening another browser and sign in from other account, but its always a hectic.

Now Google itself provide a feature to login into multiple accounts at same time, in same browser. Just follow these simple steps:-

# Go to Gmail, and click your name in the top right corner
# Click account setting
# Choose Multiple sign-on - Edit
# Get the screen below and Approve that is what you want.
# Now open a new tab, and open Google+
# Click your name, and change account

And you are done.. Enjoy the benefit of multiple account at the same time.

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