Saturday, September 3, 2011

Start a Hangout From Youtube

Google+ has unrolled another feature related to Hangouts this week. Now you can create a Hangout from Youtube and watch any video with your friends. Previously it was only limited to Live video streaming but now you can enjoy any Youtube video with your friends in a Hangout.

Games On Google+

Games on Google+ has gone live in last week, this addition made by Google+ will make people to spend time on their social network, which they was lacking in. Google+ have many famous publishers like Zynga, Rovio, Wooga etc, People already like there social games on Facebook, but Google+ has some extra exciting games and better once.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Google+ With Facebook Theme

The social network war is on fire, as google has come up with its gaint social network, Google Plus. It is still in testing phase (people can only join through invitation, get one here), and in return of this, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg has announced a big surprise for the facebook users in this week, Can you guess it? The early response of G+ has been good, and the result is coming out to be positive by the users. Well, i think G+ will leave behind Facebook soon, rest the time will tell.

How To Make Personalized Google+ URL

Google+ doesn't offers a vanity URL for your profile, unlike Facebook and Twitter. Instead of vanity URL Google+ has used a long number string to denote users, which make it difficult to share it with friends (eg:106612582649701414961)

How To Edit Photos In Google Plus

You don't need to be a photograph editor or rush to any friend to make your photos better, Google+ has inbuild photograph editor, which can improve you photos from "GOOD" to "WOW". And you also not need to make account on other image hosting websites as Google+ has integrated Picasa web albums in Google+ and you can enjoy unlimited image storage online.

Most Of Google Plus Users Are Male [Stats]

Google+ in increasing its number of users rapidly, but the recent stats of sex ratio on the social network tell that most of the users are male. There are three quarter male gender profiles or may be more.

Social Statistics, a third party stats tell that there are 86.8% of male profiles on Google+, whereas FindPeopleOnPlus states that the male percent is around 73.7%.

How To Update G+ Via SMS

Facebook and Twitter users are already enjoying SMS service to update there accounts. Now Google+ has also enabled its SMS service to update Google+ account. This service is not yet worldwide, but soon it will be. It is available in India, United States and some other countries also.

The Following guide will help you how to enable Google+ SMS service

How To Hide Someone In Google Circles

Google+ also have a common feature as Facebook have, we can also hide friends in your circles from public view.

Just below your profile photo you will see the icons of people you have put in circles.You can simply edit the settings and make the changes.

How To Write Bold, Italics And Strike-through In Google+

If you don't know how to do text formatting or to write text in bold, italics and strike-through in Google+, then don't worry, you are right place to learn

*bold*                   to write text in bold ( ex. *hello*)

How To Change G+ Email Notifications

If you are really engaged in Google+, so receiving lots of email notifications, which can be little weird, so you will surely lookout to manage your email notification settings for your Google Account.

This guide will help you to customized email notifications as you want

How To Use Two Google Accounts At Same Time, In Same Browser

Most of people make multiple email accounts. One for their office life, one for their personal life... or for any reason. But often there is need when we use to use both account on the same time. We can do it by opening another browser and sign in from other account, but its always a hectic.

Now Google itself provide a feature to login into multiple accounts at same time, in same browser. Just follow these simple steps:-

Share Animated GIF With Others

You must have seen cool animated gif's in the steam of Google+, If you don't know how to post gif's in the stream, no worries, here's the guide to help you post gif in stream and share it will all.

Save the gif picture in your computer, you want to share on Google+

When Login, Click on 'Add photos' button in the Stream Bar. See the graphic below: 

How To Integrate Facebook In To Google+

Like Twitter, now you can also integrate your Facebook account, You can see all your Facebook stream inside of Google+.

Just install a simple Addon to your browser, connect your Facebook Account with Google+ and you are done..!

Click Here to install the Google+Facebook Addon. It's Free!